Hello world!

January 12, 2010

Hi, Virgil Samms here.  I am a Sixth Generation Lensmen who’s purpose is to rid the world of Anti Social personalities and help Scientology grow.

Over the last 6 months the Church of Scientiology has come under harsh criticism and attacks because there is growing demand to rid the Church of its current dictator David Miscaviage.  And this is understandable because Mr. Miscaviage is acting in ways LRH would never act.

However, in the process the Church itself is being smeared and unneccisarily maligned by some who have been connected to the Church either as a Sea Org Member, Staff Member or just plain public because of bad experiences. What is being left out is why they got into the game in the first place – the major wins they had in and with Scientology.

Feel free to post any wins or successes using Scientology or on staff or in the Sea Org.



7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. P. Henry said

    Hi Virgil,

    Sixth Generation Lensman…I’m impressed!

    I first read The Lensmen Series in early 85′. What an adventure that book was. It actually rehabilitated, for a while at least, some handy OT abilities. And, I was really surprised that after reading the series, I actually felt as if I had a better understanding of Scientology. The Lensmen series gave me a glimpse of the bigger gameboard.

    Virgil, I want to invite you to join the Walking Around The Elephant network that I recently created. From the title of your blog and what you wrote in your first blog here, it looks like you and I just might be walking in the same ballpark.

    Here’s the url for the network: http://scnstories.ning.com/

    I’ll be following your blog Virgil.

    P. Henry

    • P. Henry, thanks and I am going to go on over to yours now. Go ahead and post any wins you might have had and let’s get this ball rolling. I want nothing but wins on this site, big wins, little wins and so forth.
      ML Virgil

    • Thnks P. I read the Lensmen Series 3 times while I was in the Sea Org. LRH did comment on it and said that the writer, EE Doc Smith, had the best recal of any wog he ever read.

      I went to your site and looked around. I like it. Please kick off mine with a win. I’ll post on yours.

      ML Virgil;

  2. P. Henry said

    Okay Virgil, I’m going to kick this off with a very early win but what was an incredibly huge life changing win for me.

    When I entered college back in 70′ I soon learned that at some point in my college track I was going to have to take a speech class. Just in contemplating getting up in front of class and giving a speech made my stomach tie up in knots and my heartbeat quicken. And the more I thought about it the more terrified I would become. Rather than spending time fretting about this I came up with a strategy, I would not take the speech class until my senior year (most students seemed to take the class their freshman or sophmore year) thinking I would be able to handle it by then. I’d be older and more mature.

    Well, after five semesters I left college and went on to be a carpenter (that’s another story). Then, fast forward to March, 78′ and here I am signing up for a Communications Course down at the Church of Scientology in Portland, Or. But before I signed up for the course, Keri, the cute girl talking to me about Dianetics and Scientology, walked with me out to my van (parked on Broadway) as I had to get my check book to pay for the course. As we were walking back to the church building I saw two people doing something quite strange. One person was standing on one corner of Salmon and Broadway (this is downtown Portland – lots of body and auto traffic) and another person standing on the opposite corner on the other side of Broadway. One person was holding a paperback book (couldn’t tell what it was) and was saying things to the person across the street. Who then would say something back like, “I didn’t get that. Do it again.” I turned to Keri and asked her what was going on. She told me that they were just doing a communication drill. “What the hell!”, I’m thinking to myself. Again, thinking to myself, “No way am I going to do that!”

    Now, in seeing this very odd display and realizing that I might have to be doing this drill out in front of everyone walking and driving down Broadway, I came very close to bolting. However, I had read the book Dianetics and I really wanted to know more about auditing, in fact, I wanted to learn how to audit and be audited and taking this communication course, as Keri had informed me, was necessary in doing so. Had Keri not given me that reality, I surely would have scurried away from the scene in fear.

    Well, what can I say, the communcation course was incredible and powerful and life changing! And yeah, I did have to do some communication drills out on Broadway, but you know, by the time I had to do so, it was not a problem. This was a life changing win!! I could BE THERE COMFORTABLY AND COMMUNICATE! And “there” could be anywhere.

    It took me six weeks to get through the communication course and it was a tremendous education as well as it pried ‘me’ away from my bank, which until that time, I thought was ‘me.’ That was a monumental win in itself.

    When graduation came and I was announced for completing the Communication Course, the room was packed full of fellow students, staff and others. Without any hesitation in the least I stood up and for about five minutes shared my wins and gains with that group of people. I gave my first speech that night. Wow!

    Thanks Virgil for creating this space specifically for sharing wins. This is going to be a great place for rehabilitation of abilities. 🙂

  3. Virgil Samms said

    P Henry; That is outstanding and I actually hoped you were from the ’70’s and would post something like this.

    It is obvious that most people who came into Scientology around that time period are very much still around and mainly so because of the Comm Course and HQS course and are the most dedicated Scientologists there are!

    These hard TRs need to go back in so that people now get the same wins.

    Thanks again for that posting – it is outstanding.

    ML Virgil

  4. P. Henry said

    Mush thanks Virgil. It was a real personal pleasure for me to share the win. I have many more and plan to stop by frequently to post. It’s good rehab for me and hopefully others will enjoy reading what I post.

    Virgil, you might enjoy reading the two blogs I’ve added to Walking Around the Elephant. You can get to them via this link:


    ML PH

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